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Professor of Philosophy

University of Connecticut - Storrs

My research interests include logic, philosophical logic, the history and philosophy of logic, philosophy of language, metaphysics, and Kant's ethics.

Semantic Singularities:  Paradoxes of Reference, Predication, and Truth  was published by Oxford University Press in 2018.  

I have also published recently on Curry's paradox and paradoxes of validity:

'Curry and Context: Truth and Validity', Philosophical Studies 180, 2023.

'Paradoxes of Validity', Philosophical Studies 179, 2021.

My book on truth and the liar paradox, Universality and the Liar: An Essay on Truth and the Diagonal Argument appeared in hardback in 1993 and in paperback in 2008, with Cambridge University Press.

I am the co-editor, with Simon Blackburn, of Truth, in the series Oxford Readings in Philosophy, published by Oxford University Press 1999. 

See below for Selected Articles, with links.

I am currently at work on a Monograph on Truth, focused on the debate between the substantivist and the deflationist. Here is a chapter-by-chapter breakdown:

Chapter 1    Substantivism vs Deflationism.    Reviews the ongoing debate between the substantivist and the deflationist about truth. Distinguishes three levels of the debate: about the predicate 'true', about the concept truth, and about the property truth. Lays out the plan of the book.

Chapter 2    Deflationism: The Problem of Formulation.    Argues that there is a problem with the very formulation of deflationism.

Chapter 3    Truth and Assertion.    Argues that the concept of truth is needed to explain assertion: to assert is to put forward as true.

Chapter 4    Truth and Meaning.    Argues that the concept of truth is needed to explain meaning: meaning is (at least) truth conditions.

Chapter 5    Truth and the Liar.    Argues that the Liar shows that we cannot escape semantic concepts and essentially semantic states of affairs, on pain of unacceptable costs.

Chapter 6    The Property of Truth.    Argues from a substantive concept of truth to a substantive property of truth. Reviews problems for standard correspondence theories.

Chapter 7     Truth Conditions and Worldly Conditions.     Argues that a truth-conditional theory of meaning yields both intensional truth conditions and metaphysically individuated worldly conditions. Argues for a dyadic truth property that ties sentences to the world in a way free of the problems for standard correspondence theories. 

Chapter 8     Truth and Truthmakers.    Argues that the worldly conditions identified in Chapter 7 serve as truthmakers, yielding an explanation-first truthmaker theory. 

Chapter 9     Truth Monism and Truth Pluralism.     Argues for truth monism, and against truth pluralism.  Locates pluralism in the world, in the plurality of kinds of worldly conditions. Argues that this preserves a robust realist/anti-realist debate, and resolves the problem of creeping minimalism.

Chapter 10    Concluding remarks.



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Recent Courses:
Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems
Modal Logic
Symbolic Logic
Kripke's Naming and Necessity
Truth: Logic and Metaphysics


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